1. Almost done with the Valois Shawl!!

  2. New stitch markers from the Philippines! She threw in new earrings too.

  3. stitcherywitchery:

    Aino Haikala’s free pattern for the knit Golden Orchids shawl.

  4. lunadax:

    Andrea’s Shawl. Made with Knit Pick’s Andean Treasure yarn. Heavenly soft and reeeeally nice to knit with! i wear it almost every day!! 

    the good thing is, i have enough left to knit the mittens to go with it! 

  5. Ask A Stupid Question

    Out and about

    Me: *knitting in public*

    Old Lady: Oh, do you know how to knit?

    Me: *looks at nearly complete sweater. 

    Old lady: …

    Me: …

    Old Lady: …

    Me: …No…

    Old Lady: *backs away slowly*

  6. heypaulstudios:

    I have one walk-in closet that is basically for thread, most of it given to me by sweet thrifty friends. I almost dread the end of the year inventory task. #Thread addiction

  7. heypaulstudios:

    I pulled open another drawer. These were all donated by one of my co-workers. #Thread addict.

  8. lshank017:

    Geek-a-Long: Star Trek

    This is the alternate square for the project, the Federation Emblem

    Live long, knit, and prosper: http://lattesandllamas.com/geek-a-week-faq/geek-a-long-squares/

  9. suile-glasa:

    Work in progress. This picture make my yarn more orange than it actually is.