1. whatislaurencedoing:

    Oh, knitting is SUCH fun! 😄 Nearly half way through my first ever knitting pro-jay #knitting #blue #scarf

  2. putyourflareon:

    WIP: Magnolia by Hiroko Payne in Kettle Yarn Co. Islington. Silk and BFL heaven.

  3. crisscrossstitch:

    Week 9

    So. Much. Shadow. Get out if the shadows, Pond. The red is so much prettier than the darkness.

  4. textillianfiber:

    Six of the eight pattern repeats done before I start decreasing. Moving right along.

  5. heypaulstudios:

    Threw some scrap thread into an avocado bag so the resident birds can make Pinterest worthy nests. #Thread #ForTheBirds

  6. iwonaeriksson:

    It’s time to begin with a new pattern… Czas na nowy wzór. Det är dags för ett nytt mönster… #knitting #yarn #knitoholic #knit #newpattern #ravelrydesigns #design #malabrigo

  7. owlapin:


    Do you slip it on him tail first?

    nah i just hold it open and he crawls in

  8. nerdywithatwist:

    First lace project, coming along nicely!

  9. knittingcountess:



    Two of my best friends are getting married next weekend, and I just finished their wedding present!

    Pattern is Aran Hearts Throw (free), yarn is Caron Simply Soft.

    Great work!

    I predict that there will be no other gifts your friends receive that will be as special as this afghan!